~ Dreams Do Come True, just Reach out and Take it ~

Danielle ‘Danny’ Dettra

Top Fitness Coach, Nutritional Consultant, Advisor and National Public Speaker, Danny has been an athlete her entire life. She shares her experience now doing what she loves as she helps others.

Admired and Respected as a leader by her peers in High School and College, where ‘Danny’ studied Nutrition and Fitness. She is now a ‘Mom’ and a Top Performer as a Beach Body Coach. She Knows how to Help Others Reach their Goals for a Healthy, Happier Lifestyle.

Early in life, her Skills were gained on Competitive Cheerleading teams, later used as a Coach. My personal favorite was: Taking her Special Needs Cheerleading Team and winning the Nationals. Her advice and recommendations for your health and nutrition are Solid.

Rob Castro

10th Degree Black Belt, Successor and Head of Ralph Castro’s International Shaolin Kenpo Association. National and International Seminar Instructor, Rob is known for his kindness, and for being an awesome teacher. With 60+ years of experience, 3rd child of 7, Rob was raised with 5 sisters and a brother. Rob Began training at 5.

Rob is mentioned by writer and biographer Tom Bleeker, who co-wrote ‘Dragon, the Bruce Lee Story’ with Bruces widow, Linda Lee Cadwell. Tom records first hand one of Bruce Lee’s first Debuts in the USA. At that event, on the same day, an 8 year old named Rob Castro was also there. With permission, paraphrased from Mr. Bleecker’s book on Bruce Lee titled; ‘Unsettled Matters’, .. ” in the midst of all of this excitement, an 8 year old boy, Rob Castro, son of renounced San Francisco Bay area Martial Arts pioneer Ralph Castro, gives a performance that brings the crown to its feet in resounding applause’.

A Family man, Rob shares full credit with his siblings, who were literally all raised Eating and Sleeping Martial Arts. Roy Robert Castro, his brother Raphael “Boss” Castro and 5 sisters; April, May, June, July and Mia, all collectively are Ralph Castro’s Magnificent 7.

A. C. Rainey

Senior Master, 10th Degree, Instructor in “American Kenpo”. Asa is a very humble man, as many Masters go, is Uncomfortable talking about himself.

At his request, I am writing this short Bio for him. Beginning are Reviews from parents and students who speak highly of a man who is very loved and appreciated.

Asa has over 50 years combined Experience teaching Self Defense while in the Military, various Police Training camps and his own schools. His career has a long and impressive history. Asa was Inducted into the Masters Hall of Fame in 2014.

Chuck Carone

“No matter the adversity, no matter the age, keep believing in yourself, never stop learning and loving others. Come on, You can do this!”

A top professional in his field, Coach Chuck is a motivational Fitness Coach and Trainer known lovingly as ‘Coach Chuck’. He is a family man, his smile is infectious, and his personality will be following right behind.

During his workouts you will hear him telling his group ‘Come on, you can do this’.

Sonny Pabuaya

Representing Kajukenbo Worldwide, this family man touches lives in Positive and Healthy ways.

6th Degree Master in Won Hop ken Do, Coordinator of Media events for Senior Grandmaster and Sifu Al Dacascos, ‘Dacascos Tactical Systems’. Acting contributor and Featured Instructor with The ‘International Kajukenbo Association. Owner of Iron Fist Martial Arts, Winnipeg, Canada, 2009 Martial Arts World magazine Hall of Fame Award.

Besides being a fun person, Sonny has been Bodyguard to Celebrities such as Mark Dacascos and Karen Sheperd. He is a fighter on a World Championship level, and a very loyal friend. Sonny Specializes in working with local Police, his Award Winning Children’s programs. He has spent years traveling with Senior Grandmaster Al Dacascos as his Assistant Nationally and Internationally.

Bill Hunter

Master in Shotukan Karate, 50 years experience as a student, Instructor, Coach and Competitor. 5 time Heavyweight World Champion. Can-Am Hall of Fame Member. Retired math Teacher.

Bill claims he was born in Yukon Territory, about ‘100 miles North of Nowhere’, and was introduced to Martial Arts in ‘show and tell’ by a young girl learning Judo and wearing her Uniform to class. Bill currently lives in Surrey, British Columbia, where he is a retired Math Teacher, and former Martials Arts School Owner.

Bill is Tournament Director at Challenge productions, and (SKIL) Sport Karate International Can-Am Director and Certified NBL Center Referee.

Retiring, for Bill means he is free to spend more time with his family, friends, students and training partners, because as they say in Canada, ‘It’s What We Do’.

Jack ‘Iceman’ Felton

Multiple and versatile World Champion, Hall of Fame member, student and Instructor in Tae-Kwon-Do, hailing from L.A.

Jack is available to anyone who would like to train with him in person on doing privates on zoom.

Coach Jack, is a Top Competitor Internationally, according to Black Belt Magazine and the National Blackbelt League: Jack will go down as ‘One of the Greatest Sport Competition Point Fighters of all time’.

Jack holds Titles in 3 Leagues; NBL, NASKA, WAKO, and was a member of the Los Angeles All Stars and the World Combat League, WCL, started by Chuck Norris.

He is now a team coach for L.A.’s ‘League of Angels’.