About Us, our History and Mission.
  • The Northwest Shaolin Kenpo Association was legally formed and registered in Washington State as a non-profit Organization on July 26, 2021.
  • The founder and CEO is John Kraft.
  • The Organization formed at the request of the late Great Grandmaster Ralph Castro, John’s Instructor and Mentor who is the founder of the Shaolin Kenpo Family.
  • Success is a continuing Goal.
  • Our Goals:
  • Currently, as the NWSKA and Northwest Performing Arts continue to grow, we’re excited and optimistic. All cultures, people and artists are welcomed. Please Share the Journey with us.
  • We all win by Joining our Strengths in Unity.
  • As we reach out, Performing Arts is our Vehicle of choice to Highlight Performers in the fields of Acting, Music, Dance and Martial Arts, and the Fine Arts.


The International Shaolin Kenpo Association

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                                            Circle of Iron

Pacific Shaolin Kenpo have been members of the International Shaolin Kenpo Association and listed on the Circle of Iron since 1994. We are known for the School Crest with the Mountain and River.

In 2016, I received a phone call from Great Grandmaster Ralph Castro and his wife Pat, offering me the Position of Northwest Representative to the International Shaolin Kenpo Association. Some would take this lightly, not me. I’m Honored and have assumed this position with its privileges and responsibilities.

Our Goals are to spread his art of Shaolin Kenpo using this as a vehicle in hopes of reaching many in our community in positive ways.

Title: Great Grandmaster Rob Castro

Rob Castro’s training in martial Arts began at the age of 5, under his father Great Grandmaster Ralph Castro, the Creator of Shaolin Kenpo and Founder of the International Shaolin Kenpo Association.

Rob trained alongside his siblings Rafael “Boss” Castro, and 5 sisters; April, May, June, July and Mia. The Children advanced together, each has achieved very impressive accomplishments in Martial Arts. In their competition years, they were known as “Ralph Castro’s Magnificent 7” (Rob, ‘Boss’, April, May, June, July and Mia Castro).

Rob Castro’s story would be incomplete without including his Brother and Sisters. They have spent a lifetime in service to the
community, specializing in their fields. Each
of the ‘Magnificent 7’ have proven themselves to be involved in educating and improving the local community as team players.

There have been many Bruce Lee moments for Rob and his family. In 1964, one of the 1st International Karate Championships were held in Long Beach, California, This tournament was made famous when Bruce Lee demonstrated his 1 and 3 inch punch on a young Joe Lewis. Already a veteran at 8 years old, Rob performed an advanced form called ‘Galloping Horse’, a dance his father created. This can be viewed on ‘Northwest Shaolin Kenpo Association Youtube channel’.

Tom Bleecker, co-author of ‘DRAGON, the Bruce Lee Story’ mentions Rob ‘as an 8 year old bringing the crowd to its feet with resounding applaud. Paraphrased and shared with full permission by Mr. Bleecker.

Rob is Kind, Easily approachable, and loves to teach, sharing his knowledge and experience. At his Fathers passing in 2019, Rob Castro assumed the role of Head of the Shaolin Kenpo Family. To schedule a Seminar with Rob, contact John Kraft at 360-470-2208 or leave a note on our comments.

The International Shaolin Kenpo Association

The International Shaolin Kenpo Association was established in 1981 by Great Grandmaster Ralph Castro to be the only governing body over his art of Shaolin Kenpo. The Association regulates the technical quality of Shaolin Kenpo and governs its members. It determines rank promotion criteria and maintains standards and ethics. The Association determines who are certified Shaolin Kenpo instructors and sanctioned schools and it requires that they are subject to inspection, review and revocation.

Tribute to Great Grandmaster Ralph Castro


Most of us had heard of him in Martial Arts circles, but, who is Ralph Castro? ‘He has a presence’ and was always a Gentleman’ were common to hear from those who met him. Some are born into Greatness, but Ralph Castro was definitely not, receiving his first pair of shoes around the age of 10.

Some are Thrust into Greatness, but his achievements were not accidental, they were simply his labor of Love. That leaves only one option; Ralph Castro Achieved Greatness by working for it, one day after another. We all have plans and goals, Life has a plan of its own. Ralph Castro embraced Life’s plan and succeeded.

Pride is a quality of Greatness, when pride is directed at the right target. The truly ‘Great ones’ all seem to take pride in those they have helped and in their  accomplishments. They feel it was never about them. In this case, Greatness is considered a quality of the mind. He was humble, never haughty.

Greatness is also a quality of size; how big were the accomplishments of this Poor Island Boy? His accomplishments were Enormous, Illustrious, Immense, Vast and Wide. He continued to adapt to his surroundings; “Sonny’ in his youth, Raphael in his Island World in Hawaii, Ralph in his new home in San Francisco, and R.C. to those in his retirement years.

Some live simple lives and that is Ok. Ralph Castro created a vast system of Martial Arts that traveled around the World, and yet he was not above playing ‘Patty cake’ with a child, teaching self defense in the process.

Ralph Castro achieved greatness within his own lifetime”, thus implying that “greatness” is a definite and identifiable quality. For Ralph Castro, his was a journey that required Vision, Commitment, Courage and the Spirit of GOD.