Quality Self Defense Instruction for Men, Women and in special circumstances Children with Parental supervision. This is a unique program that gets right to the point. These classes are fun and educational. You’ll be glad you came and will walk away with more Confidence and Competence. Fear is Crippling for everyone. Non of us should ever feel embarrassed or ashamed if we are afraid to face the fear of a Bully, Thug or even worse. Freezing is our first natural instinct when we don’t know what to do. Think about this: Every new job we’ve had requires learning new skills and until we do, we can do little without training. Self Defense is exactly like that. If we are surprised unexpectedly with violence its only natural to freeze, but with skills we learn how to immediately face that fear and that bully. Learn the A, B, C’s of Self Defense: Awareness, Boundaries and Combat. To enroll or learn about our next seminar date and location please use the Question box above, or email me at <americanhs50@gmail.com> or call 360-470-2208.