Our Instructors

Sifu John Kraft

Currently Northwest Representative of the International Shaolin Kenpo Association, ‘ISKA’, President of the Northwest Shaolin Kenpo Association, and Chief Instructor at Pacific Shaolin Kenpo.

Mr. Sam Kraft

Sam Began learning Martial Arts at the age of 10, learning Kenpo from his father John Kraft. He also received lessons with Clay Micheau in Kenpo Karate for about a year and in a Japanese style called Shin Pu Rin when he was 11 to 13. Sam began his Competition years at the age of 14 in both Forms and Fighting and excelled in both, winning many competitions and becoming known as a well rounded Martial Artist. He was an excellent Assistant Instructor then and is now an Excellent Head Instructor and integral part in our Family school, Pacific Shaolin Kenpo. During the years Sam has maintained many friendships created during those years of teaching and competition. Sam is well known and respected in the Northwest

Assistant Instructors

Miss Jenny Kraft

Mr. Dominic Keesler

Mr. Jeremiah Jones

Mr. Scott Morrow