People helping People through Support, Aid, Education and Participation.

  • Support and Aid
  • Young adults or those willing to work with our Elderly.
  • Finding additional Support or aid for Senior Centers.
  • Additional aid or funds for Animal rescue Groups.
  • Student Grants for Youth programs and Scholarships.
  • School Sports assistance for families who can’t afford Uniforms.
  • Support and aid for Local Performing Arts Programs: Dance, Acting, Film making, Music, Martial Arts and School Scholastics.
  • Education and Participation
  • Building Awareness and Support for Local Community Centers and Leaders.

  • Coming Together as a community to learn how to build a Safer, stronger and healthier community.

  • Connecting Local Officials and Leaders with Community for accountability and public Education.

  • Developing Community Support for Local Police and Fire Departments.

  • Helping developing interactive relationships with Local Fire Departments through Involvement.

  • Assistance in connecting Community to Local Law Enforcement Agencies in positive ways.

~ With a Belief that Individual strengths are a Valuable Resource, by combining these strengths as whole, with a common purpose our Community will be enriched ~

Many of us care about the health of our community, and your active support makes all the difference.

As a non-profit, we’re in the process of establishing a a solid flow of funds/grants and donations for many Local Community needs and causes. However, we are not accepting donations yet, but when we do, it will be announced. Meanwhile, thank you all for your interest and generous support. It costs nothing to join, we rely on active community involvement as the contribution. Read more below:

While our Vision is in its youth, this Dream is gaining steady Support from the National and International Community and we continuously seek those People and Organizations with the Skills and Desire to help others. You can help and make a difference in your community.