2nd Degree Diploma & Certification 

Mr. Sam Kraft

Assistant C.O.B.R.A. Instructor

Self Defense with Sam Kraft

Self Defense training is different than martial arts.

Martial Arts can take years to become proficient which is ok, but many people don’t want to spend years.

Self Defense training is Short term, focusing on personal Safety encompassing the following areas:

  • Threat detection in public.
  • Awareness of our surroundings.
  • Reinforcing our personal Boundaries.
  • Combat or hands on skills.

Sam has kept up with his training as he has had time and is learning to be a Professional Self Defense Instructor.

He began learning Martial Arts at about the age of 11 from his Father John Kraft. He has trained in several different kinds of Martial Arts and became very proficient at a young age in competition at Nationally Rated Tournaments.

Sam has always been a hard worker, at home when he was growing up on a small farm and after he began his Adult Career life. He is married, has children and is a Journeyman Union Carpenter and Welder.