Sport Competition is a very valuable way for students of all ages and skill levels to set training Goals and reach them. It always helps to have goals, competition tournaments are a good way of getting and working a plan and reaching goals. And, we never know where the road will lead, but it has proven to bring good things for those who become involved and excel.

Many of our now “Famous Celebrities’ in the Martial Arts world were at one time Sport Competition Competitors. These ‘Stars’ include Chuck Norris of ‘Walker, Texas Ranger’, Bill ‘Superfoot’ Wallace, Don ‘The Dragon’ Wilson, Cynthia ‘Lady Dragon’ Rothrock and Mark Dacascos, Star of Movies and contributing Actor on the TV Series ‘Hawaii 5-0 to name a few. Martial Arts Producers include Al Camacho and his ‘El Rey’ Network, Sonny Sison, Former Power Ranger and Producer, Director and Stuntman to name a few…

Sport Competition is not all about fighting, there are fighting categories but also divisions for those who focus on the softer ‘Artistic’ side of competition and this is also age and skill related. There are divisions for age groups ranging from the very young, young adults to Seniors in both Womens and Mens categories.

These categories are broken down into 2 main groups; Forms and Fighting.

Forms Competition includes Choreographed Dances called ‘Forms or Kata’s’, in divisions that include Empty Hands, Weapons, Creative forms and Team Forms. Music is sometimes added tomake the Performance more exciting.

Fighting Competition or ‘Kumite’ is for the more adventurous and rambunctious, the main categories are Light contact and Full contact fighting is part of the Sport Competition World.